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1. Screams from the Gig Economy
Raw and real. Working Class experience and lifestyle. 

2. Authentic Text
The words of the Working Class: dialogue, descriptions, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation. 

3. Stripped Back
Minimalist in style. Dry humour. 

4. Rough Surface Texture
There is no polished diamond, there is only diamond. Words that make the paper feel like grit.

5. Raw and Primitive Rhythm
The words punch on a spiritual level and resonate with primal beats.

6. Strength of Vision
This makes it difficult to remodel or demolish, and gives it permanence in a temporary world.

7. Rejection of Decorative and Classical
There can be no room for paint or decorative features. The raw is the real. 

8. Underlying Sense of Scale and Weight and Mass
Work that contains an elemental honesty. Genuine words nailed to the page.